difference bewteen liner tattoo machine and shader tattoo machine

let us share something abour liner tattoo machine and shader tattoo machine from tattoo artist.

The springs are generally longer and of a thinner diameter…but not always. There are numerous differences (coils, capacitor, frame geometry, spring thickness, spring length, stroke length and contact screw position), but it all depends on what you want the machine to do.

Liners usually run quicker, cutbacks are really fast (to fast in my opinion, they can tear the skin up if you aren’t quick enough) and they hit a little harder. There are tons of variations of liners, from shorty coil cutbacks that are good for small gropings, to a beefy machine that will run bigger needle groupings. I can argue the spring debate because my shaders run the same thickness springs as my liners.

I agree with everything here except for one. Guns do NOT kill people, they are a tool just like a tattoo machine. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. A tattoo machine doesn’t tattoo you, a person does. The wrench doesn’t fix your car, the person weilding it does. While I can’t think of any ways to kill a person with a tattoo machine itself(although certain tattoo’s might accomplish you getting maimed by other people), almost any tool can kill, or be used in the proper manner.
 By the way a gun has saved my life, as well as allowed my children to live. I do agree with TatuBaron, don’t call a tat machine a gun. Yes it does project ink into the skin, but gun is an outdated term, which provides a negative stigma to the art. With all the bad press from a few bad artists giving the whole community a bad name for health and safety reasons, it’s just not cool.

TatuBaron, you may ink like a tatooist but you answer like a scratcher.
Here’s the answer: Most machines can be both, it just depends on how you set your rear post, and adjust your supply. What you have to understand is that it requires more power to run the large mag needles than the smaller liners. If you have a machine with only 8 wrap coils I wouldn’t recommend using it with large mag or rounds.

For serious coloring and shading you’re gonna want a machine with at least 10 wrap coils installed to push the heavier weight. Just do yourself a favor and have 2 10 wrap coiled machines ready to go good tattoo supplies, 1 with the setup for lining and one for shading and you shouldn’t run into problems. Oh, and the machine is not a sacred thing, it’s a freaking tool. Question poster, call it a machine, call it a gun. It doesn’t matter what you call it, just what you can do with it. 

 The main factor is usually the spring length. Shaders for b/g work usually hit softer, run a little bit slower than a liner and run at a lower voltage. Color shaders hit hard and run slower at low voltage while a color packer hits hard and runs really slow at a moderate voltage. There are so many differences, it will be up to personal preference and your hand motions

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